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BANGKOK, June 10 (Xinhua) -- A Thai tourism agency plans to launch a community-based campaign not only to attract domestic visitors but foreigners.

Association of Thai Tourism Marketing president Sutadsa Laohongkiat said on Friday the ATTM's pilot campaign for community-based tourism will be launched later this year for visitors, Thai and foreign, to be told the history of a community in story-telling, value-adding fashion.

"Given the concept that every place has a story to tell, we have picked several communities in central Thailand where the pilot tourism campaign will be launched, namely Petchburi, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi and Ayudhya."

"Those provinces are known to have historical, cultural and social backgrounds which will be distinctively attractive to visitors," Sutadsa said.

She said the ATTM will cooperate with other tourism-related organizations to help with the community-based tourism campaign, such as the Thai Restaurants Association and the Thai Spa Association, among others.

Besides, each promoted community will present its outstanding and indigenous OTOPs, which stands for one tambon (community) one product, for sales to the visitors.

Similar community-based campaigns in other parts of the country would follow suit in the future, she added.

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It is also sensible to assess the traffic as you are thinking to buy your longboard skateboard. If you plan to use the longboard on roads then your choice should be un 40-50 inches range. This ensures both: A good balance and a safe ride.

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